How to Fix CapCut Lagging, Crashing, Hanging, and Closing? Easy Guide

I know how it feels to edit your video, especially when you’re in a hurry and the CapCut app keeps lagging, crashing, hanging, and closing. This problem not only slows the process but can also be very frustrating. Sometimes, it can also cause the project not to be completed on time, leading to unnecessary stress. However, some people can quickly fix this problem by removing the cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into how to fix CapCut lagging, glitching, crashing, hanging, and closing, providing step-by-step guidance and expert tips to help you resolve CapCut lagging issues for a good video editing experience and what are the main reasons that cause these problems. Whether you’re a content creator, a filmmaker, or someone who likes to edit their videos flawlessly, this accommodating guide can give you a leg up.

How to fix CapCut lagging

What Causes CapCut Lagging and Crashing?

Lagging, loading, and crashing issues in CapCut, a popular video editing application, can be attributed to various aspects, many of which are not exclusive to CapCut but are expected to be video editing software in general. These issues can be frustrating, especially for professionals who rely on such software. The following are the causes of CapCut that lead to lagging issues:
  • Insufficient storage space and hardware resources
  • Outdated CapCut app version
  • Too large video file size
  • Other apps running in the background
  • Slow internet connection
  • Software bugs
  • Overloaded Projects
Reasons of CapCut lagging issues

How to Quickly Fix CapCut Lagging or Closing?

You now have a better understanding of why CapCut lags. Here are some of the most fruitful and effective ways to fix CapCut lagging. You can follow the given methods:

Free Up Storage Space

Managing the storage space of your Smartphone is one of the most crucial steps, as CapCut demands a lot of storage space to perform video editing tasks and to keep drafts. If your device has no storage space and is filled with numerous unused files, games, and apps, then the CapCut will ultimately lag and crash as it’ll need more space to run effortlessly. To deal with this, it’s essential to engage in effective storage management.

On Android:

You can fix CapCut lagging issues by deleting the untouched apps, files, and games. First, determine how much storage is being used by your device. Locate the “Storage” or “Storage & USB” option in your device’s settings. You can see a breakdown of how your storage space is allocated here. Find huge files, useless apps, and other information that can be safely deleted.

On PC:

You can easily remove unnecessary files and applications, particularly large and unused software, with the help of the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup tool. First, create a backup, then organize your files and software in a drive that you don’t need. Once you’ve arranged your files, go to the search box, type Disk Cleanup and open it. Choose the drive where you stored all the files and then click OK.

Remove the Cache

Removing the cache associated with the application can also be an effective way to fix CapCut lagging. You can remove temporary files and data that might slow down the app by clearing the cache professionally and systematically. 

On Android:

  1. Begin by accessing your Android device’s “Settings” menu.
  2. Scroll down, locate the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section, and tap on it.
  3. Search for “CapCut” in the list of installed apps and select it to open its settings.
  4. Inside the CapCut settings, you’ll find the option to “Storage” or “Storage Usage.” Tap on this option.
  5. You’ll see the “Clear Cache” button within the storage settings. Tap on this button to delete the temporary files stored by the CapCut app.

On iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Choose iPhone Storage.
  4. Find and tap on “CapCut.”
  5. Select “Offload App.”
  6. Confirm the action by hitting “Offload App” again.
  7. This process will erase the CapCut cache on your iOS device.
Clear cache to fix CapCut crashing and hanging issues

Close Background Apps

When multiple apps run simultaneously, they will affect the system resources such as RAM and processing power, leading to a slowdown in performance and causing CapCut to lag. You can fix CapCut lagging issues by closing the unnecessary apps running in the background, as it reduces your device’s RAM saturation. You can proceed to the App Switcher on your iOS and Android Smartphone. If you’re using CapCut on a computer, simply press “Win+X,” choose Task Manager, select the application, and then click End Task.

Upgrade to CapCut’s Latest Version

Regularly updating the CapCut app not only aids you in fixing CapCut lagging issues but also allows you to use its newest features. If you’re using an outdated version of CapCut, then there is a high chance that you can face compatibility issues such as bugs and lags. Therefore, it’s better to check for updates daily and use the latest version of CapCut. You can take advantage of the updated version ASAP by keeping an eye on CapCut’s official website, App Store, or Google Play.

Relaunching CapCut

One possible method to resolve CapCut lagging issues is closing and restarting the app. This practical approach helps you to start fresh by clearing the app’s temporary corrupted data to resolve performance problems. When you start encountering lag or slow down while using CapCut, exit the app by pressing the home button and then swipe away the CapCut window. Afterward, relaunch the app from your device’s home screen or app drawer. This action clears potential memory congestion and frees up system resources to provide a fluffier editing experience.

Good Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is necessary as it not only fixes CapCut lagging issues but also allows you to edit your videos smoothly. Check your internet if you start encountering issues while editing, and try moving closer to the router. Ensure to have a high-speed internet connection on your Smartphone, especially if you’re working on CapCut’s latest or old versions, as its data is on cloud servers.

Restart your Phone

Restarting your device is one of the straightforward solutions to fix CapCut lagging issues. If you’re experiencing issues while working on CapCut to edit videos, simply restart your Android and iOS Smartphones, as it helps to clear the bottlenecks and refreshes the whole system, allowing smoother and more pleasant performance. It’s a quick and concise procedure that frequently resolves lagging issues, making it a proper debugging technique for video editors looking to improve their CapCut video editing workflow on Smartphones.

Update your Device

Updating the device firmware is vital to troubleshoot CapCut lagging problems, as CapCut may experience compatibility issues if you’re using an outdated version. Ensure your Android device’s operating system is current, as it confirms compatibility with the latest app versions. You can download and install the newest firmware on your Android or iPhone by going to settings > Software Update > Install Now. Similarly, your graphic card driver should be current if you’re using CapCut on a PC.


To speed up CapCut, close background apps, clear cache, use a robust device, and lower export settings like resolution. These optimizations will enhance performance.
In CapCut, enable Proxy Mode by tapping on the “Settings” or “Export” option, then switch on “Use Proxy” or a similar opportunity to improve video editing performance.
CapCut may lag due to device limitations, high-resolution media, too many effects, or insufficient storage. Updating the app, clearing the cache, and using a more powerful device can help fix these issues.

CapCut keeps large video and project files, which can consume substantial storage.


I know how frustrating it is to fix CapCut lagging issues, but you can easily overcome them with the proper knowledge and professional techniques. Remember to optimize your device, adjust CapCut settings, and implement efficient editing practices and debugging ways described above to ensure a smooth and enjoyable video editing experience. It’ll allow you to shine your creativity with the help of CapCut templates without any interruptions.