Learn How to Add Music in CapCut (Step-by-Step Guide)

I know how it feels when you’re trying to enhance your video by adding audio but don’t know how to add music in CapCut. Music not only enhances the overall mood of the video but also has the power to evoke emotions. However, this seemingly simple task often becomes a daunting hurdle for those navigating the intricacies of this popular editing tool. As users strive to infuse their videos with the perfect soundtrack, the lack of clarity on CapCut’s music integration process becomes a significant roadblock.

In this detailed article, we’ll guide you on the music integration process by providing step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting hacks. Within just a few steps, you can effortlessly elevate your videos with the magic of music. So, if you’re a film editor, a content creator, or simply someone who likes to provide a smoother and more pleasant viewing experience, this guide is your cream of the crop.

How to add music in CapCut

How to Add Music in CapCut?

You can add music or songs in the CapCut app using the different methods described below. Each method is easy to follow, allowing you to integrate music into your video seamlessly.

Add Music to CapCut

You can effortlessly put music to your video using Android or iOS smartphones by following the below detailed steps:

  • First, open CapCut and tap the +New Project button to create a new project.
  • Simply add the video or photos in which you want to include music.
Click on the New Project button
  • Once you’ve added your media, tap the Audio option at the bottom menu.
Tap on the Audio option
  • Now, hit the Sounds option.
Select sounds option
  • Choose a specific song that matches your content, then hit the download icon next to it.
Click download icon
  • The download icon will turn into the plus sign, and then tap this option to add the background music.
Click on the plus icon

Upload Music from the Device Library

You can also add your custom music to your video from the device gallery by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, make sure to import the video in which you’ll add music.
  2. Simply open the Audio section and then tap the Sounds option.
  3. To find music on CapCut, navigate to the Your Sounds tab and choose From Device.
  4. Select the pre-loaded music file or mp3 from your device, then click the + button beside it to upload it to CapCut.

Extract Audio in CapCut

You can also extract audio from the videos using the CapCut video editing app to use them in the future. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Click the Audio icon from the bottom menu.
  • Now, select the Extracted option.
  • Locate and select the video from which you want to extract audio.
  • Then, hit the Import Sound only option.
Simple steps to extract audio from the videos

Add Voice Overs in CapCut

If you want to make your video personal or unique, you can add voiceovers. You can do this by following the detailed steps described below:

  • Hit the Audio option at the bottom of the screen.
Tap on the Audio option
  • Then, choose the Voiceovers option.
Tap on the voiceover option
  • Now, you’ll need to record your voice; you can do this by tapping and holding the recorder key. Hit Allow in the pop-up screen to enable voiceover. 
Press allow option
  • Start speaking by holding down the recording button. When you’ve finished speaking, press the record button again.
Start speaking by holding down the recording button


Adding music has become easier with this guide. You can follow this tutorial to add music to CapCut iOS, Android, PC, or Mac.
Sadly, CapCut music is only copyright-free for TikTok but not copyright-free for YouTube videos.
CapCut supports various audio formats, including MP3, WAV, M4A, and FLAC.

Yes, you can add Apple Music by uploading your Apple Music files to iTunes and then syncing your whole Apple Music library to your iPhone.


Incorporating free music into your CapCut projects has become essential as it can make your content stand out and encourage users to stop and watch. You can choose from the extensive music library or import your own tracks; CapCut provides the tools for a seamless and enjoyable editing experience. Now you know how to add music in CapCut; you can easily unleash your full potential and transform your videos into high-quality ones.